About Me

Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogging universe – I’m truly grateful that you’re here. Husband and I, along with our two little boys and third baby on the way, live on the Canadian prairies and are part of a family farming operation. That makes me the farming wife and stay-at-home mama of this blog!

My Family

My blog is always evolving; here I share the latest products and programs from my fitness biz but also a little glimpse of our life and things I love. These may be include recipes, what’s happening on the farm, a little home decor/DIY, organization projects and who know what else!

Recently I decided to start blogging again for a couple reasons: one being the fact that I enjoy blogging and the creative outlet that it is; and two, as I dove deeper into my health and fitness journey and the products I use, promote and sell I realized that I had more information to share than a simple Instagram or Facebook post allowed.  I hope if this interests you or you have any questions you’ll contact me today and share my blog with others. I love getting feedback and hearing from other mama’s out there!