meal plan {January 15-21}

You know when you throw an idea out there, half expecting no-one to even see it let alone respond to it? Yea that was me when I threw this up on my IG:

Then I got this crazy response of 98% yes on my story #ohcrap hows that for keeping me accountable? #coachwin

This is clearly a work in progress – I’m definitely open to your feedback on the best way to present these and when. I’d ideally like to be working a week ahead in order to give you all time to grocery shop should you choose to use my plan. Buuuuut lets be real, I’m usually meal planning Sunday afternoon for the upcoming week PLUS I’m throwing a new baby in the mix sometime in the next month.. However, I’m going to do my best to have my plan posted at least by Friday for the following week!

Heres my meal plan for this coming week (Monday, January 15 – Sunday January, 21):

Some things to note: the grocery list is made by me, knowing what staples I already have in the pantry. You may need to add or take away some things to make it work for your household.

Speaking of households, I’m currently cooking for 2 adults and 2 toddlers so again, your amounts may vary.

Also in this house we try to have our bigger meal at noon simply because it works better with the farm life and schedule – supper is usually lighter. (It has taken me nearly 6 years to wrap my brain around that -hah!)

Let me know what you think!



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