01-31-18 {bump update}

If you’re anything like me, you are slightly in shock that January is over. Usually its the longest month of the year (and in some ways it was) but in others I can’t believe this is the last day!

It was long in that we had some nasty sicknesses roll through the house, some crazy cold weather and those two things seem to last forever when you’re in the midst of them. However, there was a new fire lit within my coaching team and we’ve had the most FUN “working” this month. I joined this coaching gig more for the human interaction than the pay check (although the pay check is a sweet bonus) and this past month has been the best.

On top of that the last month of pregnancy can sometimes speed by and this one certainly did! I’m only 10 days away from my due date… that’s slightly crazy to me since I’m still not fully packed or prepared (hello the basement is in complete shambles and the contractors don’t start painting until next week) and yet the date is getting closer! Granted baby #2 was 8 days late, and while you can NEVER predict with babies I’ll be surprised if I go that far overdue. 

Yesterday my sister-in-law braved the cold and wind with me to snap some maternity photos, we’ve done this with every pregnancy and its really fun to get dressed up and see what the bump actually looks like. Who am I kidding, at this point there are two things that fit in my closet and neither one are photoshoot worthy, hah! 

These next three pictures are taken at the same barn in our yard for all three babies, I love it!

I hope your January 31, 2018 is amazing and only leads to more amazing things this year. Thank you for reading this little blog of mine I’m truly grateful!


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