bring back fall…

disclaimer – I did start this post just after lunch today but my internet is giving me fits and my pics wouldn’t load 🙂 

Since today is -27 with the windchill it seemed like the perfect day to post the fall pics I had stored up. *insert eye roll*

Clearly I am on the ball this year, or maybe my subconscious self knew I’d want to reminisce over those crisp fall feels.. either way here is a small glimpse of fall in and around our abode.

those harvest sunsets
corn combining
our front yard 😉
the dust tho
ready for harvest
can you tell its our first year combining? #stillanovelty

pops of orange + yellow
my fav picture shelves


baby #2 painting his pumpkin
baby #1

hubs owns all the artistic talent
happy halloween

I hope if you’re still having fall you’re ENJOYING it to the fullest, and if you’ve joined us in the winter-wonder-land that you’re staying warm and cozy with those you love!



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