black fri-yay deals

Anyone else feel like, “how on earth can it be Black Friday already? Didn’t we just celebrate Easter?” I’m clearly getting old because the “oh how time flies” comment makes its way into every conversation these days… Any who – you’re not here to listen to me babble you just want to know what kinda goodies I’m offering at a discount! #amiright

Well, hold onto your hat cuz its a doozy this year! (Can I say that when this is my first year offering knit projects?!)

First up, fitness:

For anyone that purchases a Challenge Pack (read more about those here but in a nutshell its a combo pack with a workout program + supplements of your choice + portion containers + meals plans all bundled together at a discount) between now and Monday at midnight central time – I will send you a $20 gift card of your choice (although I’ll probably wince if you ask for a McDonalds gift card #justsayin) PLUS you’ll be entered to win this sweet prize pack! 

This is my favourite Challenge Pack – its got the best bang for your buck (click image to access).

All other Challenge Packs are listed here.

SECONDLY,  heres the deal on knits:

Pretty straightforward right? You can shop all my blankets here.

Thank you so much for supporting my little biz – whether you purchased or not, just having you here reading my blog means a lot so THANK YOU and happy Black Friday shopping!


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