keepin’ it clean… {7 Day Fit Club Experience}

“I don’t know if I can commit to a whole month!”

That’s the most common response I get when people talk to me about my fitness groups; and you know what? It makes complete sense to me! I debated joining my first challenge group for 4 months before I finally decided to go for it. #decisive Its a commitment – physically, emotionally + financially.

So, how do we fix this? By offering a ONE WEEK group to let people get their feet wet and decide if this is really something that works for them! “Clean Week” is the perfect way to get started on a healthier lifestyle. In just one week, you’ll experience the complete Beachbody solution, which combines healthy nutrition, fitness, and support—all the ingredients you need for success.

What do you get? 

  • 7-Day Supply of Shakeology: More than just a delicious superfood, protein-packed shake with vitamins and minerals, adaptogens, probiotics, and more, Shakeology has tremendous benefits to help you get your best results, like helping you feel full until your next meal, and supporting healthy weight loss.*
  • Shakeology Welcome Guide: This handy guide has everything you need to know about Shakeology, including details of our globally sourced premium ingredients and how they benefit your body.
  • Clean Week Meal Planner: This is your step-by-step guide to healthy eating. It includes a variety of simple and delicious recipes for your meals and Shakeology. And it shows you the power of meal-prepping, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and have healthy choices on hand all week.
  • Clean Week Quick Start Guide: Jump right in to the program with this simple guide that shows you how to get started in 3 steps.
  • Online access to the Clean Week workout library: to shape and define your abs, build strength while targeting all the major muscle groups, burn calories and kick-start your metabolism, and increase your range of motion while lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

What does it cost? 

For my Canadian customers you can purchase the Clean Week Package or the Clean Week Vegan Package for $36.95 + shipping. (US customers can contact me for the US links.)

When do we start? 

Our first 7 Day Fit Club experience starts October 23, 2017 and I’d love to have you join me! We’ve created an event on Facebook for this date to keep you updated! I’m so freaking excited for this group – let me know what you think?! Comments are always welcome and as always share, share share!




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