{funny farm} first addition

My husband is completely convinced that given the go ahead I’d have an entire funny farm in our backyard. Guess what? He’s right! 😉 Until recently he wasn’t onboard in the least, then late this summer we were talking about what to do with the wilderness between our house and shop and my dad suggested goats. (Note: my Dad may or may not be who I get the funny farm gene from… Also note, Dad suggested this to me when Craig was out of earshot #sneakysneaky)

To my absolute amazement Craig was on board! Seriously, I was in total shock but RAN with it as soon as he mentioned it incase he changed his mind. He’s admitted that he considers them lawnmowers and he only wants them because he’d REALLY like “the wilderness” cleaned up. So we spend my birthday week building a fence and I now am the proud owner of five Myotonic (fainting) goats! *insert wild and crazy happy dance here*

Meet Kelvin, Lola, Rusty, Duke + Luna. (Oh wait, this photo is actually taken of the original 4 watching me try and coax Luna back in the pen after she escaped 5 minutes after I brought her home *insert eye roll* . That being said she’s the only one who’s escaped the pen thus far; we lowered the gate and it hasn’t happened since. 

We went with fainting goats because, supposedly they are easier to keep in than your average goat + Hubs thought they’d be great entertainment if nothing else! So far they’ve been super easy to have around, really quiet (bonus!) and great with the kids. 

Here’s to some babies come spring time! Thanks for reading my little snippet of our lives and if you enjoy my blog please share it with the world (or a few friends 😉 ) and as always I LOVE feedback, until next time…


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