fit (ish) pregnancy

“You’ve gone to all that work to get fit, now you’re pregnant?”

“Are you a bit bummed that all your hard work will go to waste?”

“Are you ok with being pregnant again?”

Seriously. These are the questions I got asked when it became public that we were expecting baby #3. Let me just sum up my thoughts and answer those questions:

“Bummed? NO! I get to GROW a human and that is pretty freaking AMAZING!”

“I’ve done it once I’ll just do it again!”

“How cool is it that I’m so much better educated this go-round about my body and its needs and that I’m entering this pregnancy in the BEST shape of my life?!”

To be sure, I am fully aware my postpartum journey this time will more than likely be COMPLETELY different from the last one, or two for that matter. It might be waaaaay harder to stick to my fitness and nutrition goals; but I also know and have proved to myself that I DO have what it takes to dig deep and stay on track even when its tough. On top of that, I have a much better understanding of my nutrition and what my body needs, pregnant or otherwise. (There’s always room for improvement tho 😉 )

Just this week my monthly accountability group started up for the month of October, and with these groups I’ve committed to posting just as I would even though I’m not currently on a “weigh loss” journey. That meant posting a before photo on Day #1. I was getting dressed Monday morning and thinking about the changes my body has gone through over last 21 weeks as well as some of the things I’ve been learning about pregnancy + fitness  and I decided to post my photo in my sports bra and shorts. Just like I had been prior to the pregnancy.

The photo on the left is just a relaxed pose, and the photo on the right is “flexed” (go ahead – I laughed too). Nope, I sure don’t have “abs” as far as the world of fitness and flexing goes but you can see those ab and stomach muscles working. I remember as a teenager being told, “oh you don’t want abs it will make pregnancy and labour really difficult later in life.” Whaaaaaa?!? Who thought up that rubbish? If our muscles are strong they can help us do hard things! #hellolabour This is one of the things touched on in my Active Maternity workout series: you need strong stomach muscles, strong leg muscles and strong back muscles when it comes to the hard work of labour and delivery! *light bulb moment*

At the beginning of my pregnancy I had this glorified notion that I was going to be crazy fit + workout every day just like I had been + stay super motivated. HAH! I had clearly forgotten what my first trimesters are like. You know what? Some people can stay crazy fit, and super motivated and workout everyday and that’s AWESOME. But I couldn’t. Instead, I threw up every single day. Enters: “grace, not perfection”. I realized that even working out once a week and keeping my nutrition on track would be leaps and bounds ahead of my other pregnancies and if thats what it took for me to feel good that was a WIN in my book.


I should clarify that I’ve eaten an insane amount of carbs and chocolate over the last 21 weeks. And when I go to Wendy’s I order a poutine. And I get a sugary Starbucks drink nearly every time I go for groceries. BUT I also eat way more fruits and veggies, I drink an obscene amount of water and I’m as active as I feel comfortable to be.

Does this mean I’ll have a breeze of a pregnancy? NOPE! In fact this one has been more difficult than the first two (perhaps because I’m running after two rug-rats already? Ages 1 + 2  #yeswearecrazy).

Does this mean my labour and delivery will be a piece of cake? NOPE! I truly can’t complain about my first two, but there are no guarantees what this one will hold.

Regardless, I feel better when I’m active and taking care of my body so I will continue to do that to the best of my knowledge and ability. After that, well what ever happens, happens!


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  1. Maralee says: Reply

    People are crazy! With Mav I was the fittest I my life and delivery wasn’t as exhausting and my body “recovered” quicker too! Not one day of living a healthier lifestyle goes to waste regardless !

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Yes, you are soo right!

  2. Ashleigh says: Reply

    Ahh I just love it post Jess! You are doing amazingly!

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Thank you! You are so sweet xo

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