bedroom decor… help!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope where ever you are your day if full of all the things that make it a fabulous Friday! There is a smidge of snow on the ground here which just makes me want to curl up with some knitting, a cup of coffee, Instagram, a good book… You know, everything BUT the house work that I SHOULD be doing 😉

SO we’ve been in our house nearly 4 years and I haven’t done a thing to decorate the master bedroom. Awful isn’t it? I recently purchased a new duvet cover and throw pillows and that was the kick in the butt urging I needed to start looking for decor items. A few months ago I stumbled across a little Canadian shop called Timber and Gray and loooooooved their stuff. So I finally decided to order this print for over our bed.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just LOVE it!

Now I need to decide what to do over our night stands and I’m toying with a couple different ideas: 1) mirrors or 2) some sort of coordinating pieces from Timber and Gray (probably something to do with our wedding vows)

I created these mock up photos (don’t laugh at my super quick photo shopping skills) to try help me decide but I still cannot!

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Thoughts or ideas? Which one do you love? Or are there other ideas out there that I haven’t thought of yet? I can’t wait for your feedback!

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  1. Ila says: Reply

    I like the mirror idea. The rectangle ones look great but then again the contrast of the circle ones compared to all the square/rectangles looks neat too!

    1. Thank you! Yes I do love the idea of doing something with our vows but I do like how the mirrors look over the night stands 💕

  2. Annamarie says: Reply

    I like the mirrors too! I saw an idea on Pinterest of mirrors right to the floor behind the night stand- looks awesome! If I was going to do something with your vows I would probably use a different wall so it’s not so much of that same look on one wall.

    1. Ohh what a neat idea!!

  3. Melinda says: Reply

    Hey Jess! Cool ideas! Are you an art person? Maybe some colourful artwork would look awesome too?! I also like the mirror ideas to add some sparkle! Hope you find something you love!

    1. Ooh we don’t have a lot of “art” that’s a great idea!

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