Ready to make THE SHIFT + giveaway

You may have seen my posts about the new program that launched in July called the Shift Shop. It was created by a new super trainer, Chris Downing, who I had the privilege of hearing speak at our annual conference last week. This guy is a gem. He’s so genuine and ready to help, all that aside from the fact that his program is getting KILLER results! These are real people getting real results:

The Shift shop is a 3 week “ramp up” program designed to get maximum results in 21 days. What do we mean by ramp up? Each week the exercise program increases by 10 mins (25 mins on week 1, 35 mins on week 2 and 45 mins on week 3) plus the nutrition is ramped up as well!

“WEEK 1: The first week features a fairly standard balance of macronutrients with a moderate amount of starches and legumes (beans and peas).

WEEK 2: The second week cuts back the starches and increases the protein.

WEEK 3: Now it’s time to get serious.You’re eating starch- and legume-free so that all your carbs come from veggies and fruit. Comfort foods are gone.”

Will it be hard? Yup! But usually the worthwhile things are 😉 #amiright

Needless to say this is going to be the first program I do as soon as I’m cleared postpartum! BUT since that’s such a long ways away I want to get YOU started making the SHIFT!

I have one set of agility markers (used in The Shift Shop) to give away!

How to qualify? Sign up for my August accountability group and give the Shift Shop a try!

All of my challengers that complete the Shift Shop program during my August challenge group will be entered to win. PLUS earn a bonus entry by getting a friend to sign up with you! One winner will be selected at random on August 30th. If you have any questions or want to sign up contact me ASAP and we will get you set up! Best of luck to you all!




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