3 Day Refresh Experience + Results + GIVEAWAY

Yesterday I completed a three day cleanse and I wanted to share with you what the three days were like, what I learned in the process and my results! Also there’s a giveaway at the end so stick with me 😉

The 3 Day Refresh is a kit offered thru my Beachbody website – its a clean eating, plant based cleanse that does not include any carbs or protein in the form of meat (yea that scared me) but is designed to get your health, energy, and vitality back on track. It has a low calorie, high fibre, high fat meal plan which means its NOT a detox and therefore safe for nearly anyone to try! (disclaimer – if you have any hesitations its always best to talk to your doctor first)

Was I a complete skeptic? YUP! Did I think I’d fail? YUP! Was I wrong? YOU BETCHA! Let me break it down for you:

You can order the kit with or without Shakeology, and since I have my monthly supply of Shakeology on hand I ordered my kit without. So it showed up with 3 Fibre Sweep packets and 6 Vanilla Fresh packets along with the meal and grocery lists. Your meals for the three days look like this:

  • Shakeology + fruit for breakfast
  • Fibre Sweep for morning snack
  • 1 veggie portion + 1 healthy fat portion + Vanilla Fresh with fruit for lunch
  • 1 veggie portion + 1 healthy fat portion for snack
  • Vanilla Fresh + 1 dinner recipe from the meal plan for supper

As well as at least 8 cups of water and optional tea.

3 Day Refresh – Day 1

Day 1 – I was able to stick to my meal plan with only two cheats: I had a nibble of chocolate after lunch and half an apple with almond butter before supper. Mid – afternoon I felt a headache coming on but upped my water intake and that solved that issue. All in all I was happy with the day! I was a bit hungry before that apple but throughout the day I didn’t feel deprived.

3 Day Refresh – Day 2

Day 2 – My day ended up much like the day before (a nibble of chocolate and an apple before bed) but I was so full at lunch I could  barely finish my meal! Crazy? Yes, completely nuts! I’m feeling great!

3 Day Refresh – Day 3

Day 3 – I knew this day was going to be tough – we were taking the kids to the fair with a bunch of friends in the evening and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to stick to the plan surrounded by all that deep-fried sugary goodness. So I was very careful all day and stuck 100% to my meal plan. We went to the fair after supper and I RESISTED the mini donuts (biiiiig win for this mama) and from the fair we went to McD’s for ice-cream. Guess what? I didn’t have a lick! I did have one bite of hubby’s chicken sandwich tho 😉

The main reason I was able to stay on track is because I was tracking all my meals in a private group with a few other ladies that were completing the Refresh with me and I didn’t want to let them down. Plus, I had done so well up to this point I didn’t want to throw it all away for the sake of a few delicious, warm, sugary donuts! #drooling

Things I’ve learned over the past 3 days:

  • I’ve come to the realization that eating is a habit for me. As I spend all day in the house it is so easy to walk to the pantry and grab a snack (healthy or otherwise). Its not that my body needs nutrients or even that I’m hungry. Literally, I am just going through the motions.
  • Another thing I know I knew  – but these 3 days really reenforced is that planning is everything. When I was getting ready for the Refresh, I wrote down every single meal including snacks, I grocery shopped accordingly and I stuck to my plan. I knew at 3pm when it was snack time on day 2 EXACTLY what I was eating. Without this plan, I would have be feeling hungry and aimlessly trolling the pantry for something quick and easy. Quick and easy is not always the best option!
  • My body loves to be treated right and iy responds so well when I hydrate properly and I cut out the junk
  • I thought I’d miss sugar the most but it was actually meat that I couldn’t wait to dive into today! (I’d never make a good vegan/vegetarian hah)
  • I can accomplish what I put my mind to especially when I’m doing it with the help and support of others. Having my little accountability group to send pictures and to complain about the donuts to made all the difference!

Enough chatter, what are the results? And what about that giveaway? #enoughalready

Ok, here are the details: in three days I’m down 4.2 lbs and 3.6 inches and I feel fabulous! I know my body flushed a lot of gunk that was built up and now I feel like I’m back on track with my nutrition once again and ready to eat clean.


GIVEAWAY TIME!! I want to give away a 3 Day Refresh Kit! If you want to try it for yourself you can always find it in my shop but why not enter to WIN WIN WIN!!!

How to enter? Comment on this blog post for 1 entry. THEN if you want a bonus entry SHARE this blog post (the buttons are right below;) ) and either tag me in the shared post or send me a screenshot once its shared successfully! The giveaway closes next Friday, June 16th 2017. Good luck!!


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  1. Bri says: Reply

    I want to try this! good on yah for not cheating at the fair! I love fair food too! 😊

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Haha thanks lady 🙂

  2. Sam says: Reply

    Good job jess! Mind over matter right !;)

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Thanks Sam 🙂 you’re sooooo right!!

  3. Kassie says: Reply

    Those are great results! I’d love to try and Get summer ready

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Kassie it was the kick in the butt I needed! I’d recommend it to anyone 🙂

  4. Kelsey says: Reply

    Definitely need to try this to get things back on track…

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Honestly Kels I’m so glad I did it for that very reason!! I haven’t been craving sugar today and was really looking forward to my veggies… which I’m calling a HUGE win!!

  5. Cassie says: Reply

    I don’t think I could do it. Great job.

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      This was my second attempt and I’m glad I did it with a group this time! That was what got me through!!

  6. Sheryllee. M says: Reply

    Way to go! You make it sound so easy!
    Would love to try.

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Well I won’t say it was easy but it went way better than I thought 😉

  7. Jennifer says: Reply

    Way to go! Planning definatly is everything😊

  8. Michelle h says: Reply

    Ok so I was looking at trying this but so worried I’d fail big time but I think I’d like to try it! A good refresh sounds so good!!!

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      It takes dedication for sure but doing it with a group was such a big help! We can chat and set you up with some people if you want!! 🙂

  9. Laura Beckett says: Reply

    I would love to try this too, and agree that planning is everything!

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      Good luck girl!

  10. Carol says: Reply

    Wow. Amazing. Would love to try this myself.

  11. Amanda Cable says: Reply

    Good for you!!! So awesome! Hoping to do the refresh as well and your tips should help me out!!

  12. Mori says: Reply

    oh my word!!! Your will power at the fair and McDonald’s!!! Proud of you!

    1. jessica.a says: Reply

      thanks so much lady it was well worth it!!!

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