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There are so many thoughts and feeling rolling around in my brain the last while, and I’ve been contemplating writing a post in order to get it all out. The last couple weeks there have been multiple instances that have made my heart burst with gratitude for this company and what it stands for.

When I first heard about “Beachbody” I was positive it held no interest for me at all. I had this preconceived notion that it was these people strutting around in bathing suits and obsessed with their body image – blah, blah, blah. I had all these negative thoughts about it! However, I watched a high school friend get killer physical results after having 3 babies in a very short amount of time and I was intrigued. So after a few months of wavering back and forth I decided to take the plunge and join her Challenge Group. Our first day was September 5, 2016 (my birthday) and 10 days later I signed up to coach. Literally 10 days in I was like, “this is incredible and I want to help more people this way”. I simply fell in love with the products and the programs and what Beachbody actually stands for. It is NOT about having a “beach body” but instead about finding the healthiest version of yourself both physically and emotionally. This company dives so much deeper into loving and caring for its Coaches and Customers than I ever thought possible.

As I eluded to at the beginning of this post the last few weeks have been full of moments that have made me proud to be a coach and work for this company.

#1 – One of my sister coaches in Team fIT Girl Dynasty was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and the way our whole team has rallied around her has been heart-warming to say the least. I’ve literally cried for someone I’ve never met in person and shed tears of gratitude for a team that is closer than I ever thought possible. The night before Sarah was scheduled for her surgery we all posted on our social media wearing these shirts that were made proclaiming, “Kick Cancer’s A– Sarah” and showing her our love and support as she faced this scary obstacle. We are a family, we are a family of women that have been banded together with a common goal of helping people and through that have become the best of friends. Wanna know something crazy? I’ve only met 2 of them in person! That said, I CANNOT wait to meet the rest of them at our annual Coach Summit this summer!

#2 – Is that I received a massive box in the mail from Beachbody and in it were 3 gifts for me. 3 gifts just for helping other people with their health. And you know what? They do this every. single. month.

#3 – Is the #iamteambeachbody movement. It started with one team rallying together to share their stories about why they became a coach and what Beachbody means to them. And now the entire network of 450,000 coaches is participating! Our corporate offices are now printing out each of these stories and pasting them all over the offices. The walls and cubicles are literally covered with these stories! (my original post here)

#4 – Last week I had a call from a California number that I didn’t recognize so I sent it to voicemail, because of course I’ve probably just won another cruise or something of that nature hah, and when I played back the message it was head office! Just calling to make sure I’d heard about the amazing #springintohealth promotion that is going on. The one where they’ve slashed the All Access Challenge Pack price from $231 to $186 for the month of April! Just incase I was living under a rock and hadn’t heard about this promo of the century 😉 but seriously, head office is taking time to place phone calls to every active coach in the network. Who actually does that sort of thing in this day and age? What’s more is that I have seen the CEO of the Company (Carl Daikeler) send handwritten notes to some of the coaches in the network. Can I use the word incredible again?

As I’m typing this I’m chatting on the phone to my up-line coach, just about life in general, like the amazing friends we are after only 7 months. I don’t feel like I am able to articulate through this post how Coaching has changed my life. I have a tribe of fabulous women who just “get” me, I am able to help people with their health, nutrition, fitness and self worth, and I work for a company that has such a huge heart. Beachbody is not just a multilevel marketing company, Coaching is not just another fad business. This team, these ladies and this company are truly incredible and I’m so grateful I get to be a tiny part of it.


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