A day in the life…

I had decided that once a month I wanted to write a post that sort of showcased a day in my life and a couple weeks ago I had decided that for March, that day was going to be the 6th. Little did I know what a complete gong show the 6th of March was going to turn out to be!

Nevertheless I’ll share this crazy day:

630am – I’m pretty sure Husband is awake and getting ready for the day but my brain is too foggy to really process this

730am – baby is awake and letting me know I should be to – its Day 1 of my new Challenge group so I need to get up and check in with my before photos, weights and measurements. Day 1 is my absolute FAVOURITE day in the challenge group I just can’t wait to see everyone again and think about what the next 21 days are going to bring!

8am – the boys and I are up and dressed and in search of some breakfast. Dierk wants Sugar Crisps (pretty much his staple and I don’t even care) and I throw some oatmeal in a bowl for Knoxley and I, open the microwave only to remember it quit working on Friday

830am – check a text that came in from Husband letting me know there will be 3 extras for lunch today (its my week to cook for the farm)

9am – scrape the ridiculously thick oatmeal from the pot on the stove into two bowls for Knoxley and I while listening to the “on-hold” music the appliance company is playing. Manage to get K to eat most of his oatmeal (mixed with Shakeology to keep him regular – more on that in another post), check my online office and send a couple emails to new clients

930am – still on-hold/talking with the nice lady at the call centre for the appliance store, nibbling on my cold yet still delicious oatmeal, chia seeds, strawberries and maple syrup. Find out the extended warranty we purchased for our appliances doesn’t cover the microwave #ofcourse and the nice lady will get back to me later in the day. Got another text from Husband adding one more to the lunch crew

10am – get started on said lunch since there will now be 11 of us. I’m not sure how much spaghetti sauce to make for 11 people but I’ll just wing it and see what happens!

1030am – start the dough for breadsticks and continue to make the spaghetti sauce and referee the boys. Throw a cake in the oven and post on IG for the first time today, hello #motivationalmonday!IMG_7992

11am – remember that I wanted to get a jump on all the laundry from the weekend away so throw a load in the washer and keep on with the lunch prep. Check in my Challenge group to see who’s posted so far and LOVE on them!

1130am – breadsticks are in the oven, lettuce is chopped for a salad, cake is cooling, baby is napping, sauce is simmering and I’m boiling water for the noodles (yup whole wheat noodles – gotta “healthify” these guys just a little). Gather all the utensils and such that need to be brought across to the farm.

1150am – arrive at the farm, all food and kidlets in tow. Its raining out now – its March so this could get fun.

12pm – geek out a little to myself when a fellow coach emails me to give me a virtual high five on a post I was tagged in on my up-upline coaches page #pinchmeIMG_8213

1pm – everyone is fed, there’s enough spaghetti leftover to last us for another day but I’d rather have leftovers than have to worry that I didn’t make enough! Its still raining out and getting really windy. Get all the dishes and kids packed back into the Tahoe and run to town for the mail (we are literally a mile and a half outside of town)

130pm – back home; load up the dishwasher to the max and start it up, wash everything else and let it dry by the sink. Switch over the laundry. Knoxley is sleeping (he fell asleep after the mail) and Dierk is acting tired so he and I head to the big bed; him with his blankie and me with my new Personal Development book that my upline coach sent me! It’s getting nasty outside. So gross that we can’t even see out the windows anymore; they are covered in ice. IMG_8212

2pm – baby wakes up so cuddle and PD time is cut short but that’s ok because now all three of us get to play in the boys room!

230pm – the boys are playing in the living room so I’m listening to the training call I missed earlier and puttering in the kitchen. Answered some more emails and found some new recipes to try for our free group coming up in a couple weeks. The storm is RAGING outside, the lights are flickering a bit.

3pm – I’m pretty sure I just saw lightening, that doesn’t happen in March here on the prairies.. this weather is nuts!

330pm – well the power is out now but the kids and I are going to go downstairs anyway, they’ll play by the light coming in the windows and I’ll just stream my workout on my phone #thankyouBOD

4pm – that didn’t last very long we are back upstairs and the power is all over the mapIMG_8207

5pm – the power is off again so the kids and I are just hanging out, its crazy how much everything we do is reliant on hydro! Post my third IG post for the day, this one about our Kid Friendly Clean Eating group

6pm – Husband and the main farm hand get home, Kevin is gonna stay the night here since the highways are closed, the power is back on so they head for the showers and I hit the kitchen to cook up some supper before it goes out again! Before that all happens our two cowboys showed up – they had started to town but realized they forgot their keys at the farm and the roads were awful so they pulled in to our yard to wait it out.

7pm – all the guys are showered and in clean clothes (which may or may not fit), loaded nachos for supper #yumyum but the storm is not letting up and the power is out again. IMG_8230

8pm – power is back but the storm is crazy so everyone is staying put for the night. Bathed up the kids and started the guys laundry.

830pm – both kids are sleeping and the guys are chilling in the living room so I head to the basement to finish that workout I started HOURS ago. This is week 2 of Hammer & Chisel for me…

930pm – workout done, shake made and devoured. Everyone is chilling in the living room – I’m checking in with my Challenge group and seeing what everyone has posted for Day 1.

10pm – everyone opts to head for bed for the day while the ice and snow and wind keeps on blowing!

So maybe not my typical Monday, but hey is there ever just a typical day?



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