Shakeology Intro

A large massive part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your nutrition. I cannot stress that simple statement enough! We could be working out like cray-cray but if we aren’t fueling our body with the proper nutrition, well sorry, you’re just not gonna get that far. Did you know that the vast majority of North Americans are nutrient deficient? Meaning that while we most definitely consume enough calories in a day, we do NOT consume enough of the vital nutrients that our bodies need. Even when we are eating “healthy” there are still essential nutrients missing. This is not nessecarily anyones fault, they are just missing from our food. Period.

Insert Shakeology. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but I’m here to tell you just a snippet about it. Now I say snippet because I could go on for days about this product and I have only scratched the surface myself. I do plan to post about Shakeology regularly as I learn more and interesting things about it. Let me just insert a disclaimer here, I am not a doctor or certified health professional. I am sharing my own experience and the experiences of my clients and therefore please check with your own health care professional should you have any concerns about using Shakeology yourself.

What is it? Shakeology is a meal replacement/nutritional shake that is made from fruits, veggies, antioxidants, adaptogens, pro and pre biotics and protein. It’s all natural; no caffeine; no artificial flavors or sweeteners; no GMO’s. There is even a shot of wheat grass in every serving. It’s basically 60+ all natural sources of fuel designed for your body, and if you read the label you’ll actually recognize the ingredients! (Quinoa, spinach, blueberries, wheat grass, flax, chia seeds, and acai berry…)

Today I just want to address a couple of myths that surround Shakeology.

Myth #1 – that Shakeology is just another protein shake. NOPE! There is so much wrong with that statement I don’t even know where to start. Protein is actually only one small part of this shake! It is so full of other nutrients and goodness that there is nothing else on the market right now that compares to it. In one glass of Shakeology you receive protein, superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogens, pre and probiotics, adaptogens, enzymes, all 9 amino acids plus your daily vitamins and minerals. Say what?! Definitely NOT just a protein shake!

Myth #2 – it’s all about carbs, proteins & fats. Macros are a big thing these days and while fats, protein and carbs are all important they are only a starting point. To sustain a clean and balanced diet that supports cellular health you need more. Shakeology is a clean shake meaning there are no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colours, no soy, no artificial stimulants and no artificial flavours. Think of it as a balanced nutrient soup for your cells. When you cells are healthy, YOU are healthy.

Myth #3 – Shakeology is only for weight loss. Most definitely not! Weight loss is a by-product of proper nutrition, when your body receives the nutrients that it needs it won’t crave the things that it doesn’t. That means you won’t feel like filling your body with junk just to feel full. Shakeology has been clinically proven to reduce cravings, increase energy, improve digestion and regularity and lower cholesterol. All of these things can lead to weight loss.

Well I think I’ll let this do for today, like I said I could go on forever about this topic, but I hope this answered some questions you might have. If not, let me know! I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you have.


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