dedication truth bomb

The first post – there was no question in my mind that my first blog post here on Mama A Fit Life was going to be about this “dedication truth bomb” I threw out the other day. Even though this “first post” is rather intimidating I feel so strongly about this topic that I can’t wait to get it out and written down.

So, I was having a conversation with my sister (who btw is amazing and she pushes me in my business every single day) and we were discussing our fitness progress. The statement was made, “Man if only we could be as dedicated now as we were in the beginning.” ….

So. True.

Not only is this true in our fitness journey but it can apply to literally every single facet of our lives. Relationships? Yup! Work or Business? Yup! Nutrition? Yup! Fitness? Yup!

In the beginning we give everything we’ve got and the results are amazing. Relationships grow and flourish, businesses are successful, health is improving and we are becoming more fit. But as time goes on our dedication tapers off and we wonder why the results mimic that action. #duh

What if… what if, we remained as dedicated and full of zeal every day as we were on day one. Can you imagine the results we would get? We would be unstoppable! Guess what? You CAN be that dedicated. If you decide now that you are going to give it all you’ve got every single day the results will blow. your. mind.

On this Beachbody journey I’ve been encouraged to not only better myself physically but to be a better spouse, a better mom and a better person. I host monthly accountability groups where yes, the main focus is fitness and nutrition, but it’s also about helping each other every day in anyway we can. The encouragement that flows from this group of ladies and from my coaching family is out of this world. I’d love to have you join me. Whether it’s to encourage you on your health and fitness journey or it’s exploring a new business opportunity – I would love to hear from you!

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